"Empowering Democracy: Students Lead Voter Awareness Rallies in Lok Sabha and Ganday Legislative Assembly By-elections"

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Amidst the upcoming Lok Sabha and Ganday Legislative Assembly by-elections, on Monday, the students of Green Garden Public School organized a voter awareness rally. Led by the school director Afzal Amin and Principal Santosh Bharati, the students penned slogans related to voting and utilized voter awareness leaflets provided by the administration. The rally extended up to Ganday Bazaar, reaching the Mohda turn at the block complex with posters and banners in tow. Throughout the rally, students fervently chanted various slogans, motivating the general public to exercise their right to vote. Notable figures from the local administration, including BDO Nishat Anjum, CEO Manoj Kumar, and Abhishek Sinha, along with several teachers, were present during the event.

"Students Spearhead Voter Awareness Rally"

In Chattaro, Devery Prakhand, students of Janardan Singh High School took the initiative to conduct an awareness rally as part of the voter awareness campaign on Wednesday. Starting from the school campus, the rally made its way to Chattaro Bajrang turn and returned, urging everyone to cast their votes. Efforts were made to encourage market traders and buyers to participate in the voting on May 2. Principal Ajay Kumar Rai explained the importance of voting to increase voter turnout. The rally saw the participation of school headmaster Ajay Kumar Rai, along with teachers Shailendra Bhokta, Shailesh Mishra, Govind Saw, Panchadev Rai, Sandeep Kumar Rai, Prakash Murmu, Clerk Virendra Singh, and Assistant Laljit Hazra, with over a thousand students attending the event, including Srikant Singh.


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