Muzaffarnagar Lok Sabha Election 2024: Key Candidates Predict Victory as Counting Day Approaches

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Muzaffarnagar Lok Sabha Election: Candidates Confident of Victory

As the Lok Sabha election draws closer, the three main candidates from Muzaffarnagar are each asserting their confidence in winning. Dr. Sanjeev Balian from the BJP, Harendra Malik from the SP, and Darasingh Prajapati from the BSP are all optimistic about their chances. With the counting date approaching, the discussions around potential victories and defeats are intensifying.

BJP Candidate Dr. Sanjeev Balian: Banking on Modi-Yogi and Past Work

Dr. Sanjeev Balian, the BJP candidate and Central Minister of State, is highly confident about securing his third consecutive win. He believes that the public's desire to see Narendra Modi continue as Prime Minister for a third term, coupled with Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath's efforts in the state, will secure him votes. Balian highlights the achievements of the central government over the past ten years and expresses strong hope that his decade-long track record will resonate with voters. He is convinced that BJP has garnered support from all sections of society, assuring him of victory.

SP Candidate Harendra Malik: Capitalizing on Anti-BJP Sentiment

Harendra Malik, representing the SP, is equally confident about his chances in the Lok Sabha election. He argues that the BJP has failed the country's unemployed, government employees, farmers, and laborers, creating a wave of discontent. According to Malik, this anti-BJP sentiment among the public, along with dissatisfaction with the local MP, will benefit the SP. He also notes that the core voter base of the BJP has shown support for the SP this time, which he believes will lead to a historic victory for his party.

BSP Candidate Dara singh Prajapati: Counting on Minority and Backward Class Support

Dara singh Prajapati, the BSP candidate, is fully committed to his belief in a significant victory. He asserts that the Dalits, backward classes, and minorities have placed their faith in the BSP for this election. Prajapati anticipates surprising results, predicting major wins for the BSP in the Sardhana and Khatauli Legislative Assembly constituencies. He remains confident that the BSP will emerge victorious in the Lok Sabha election.

As the election date nears, the battle in Muzaffarnagar remains heated, with each candidate fervently believing in their path to victory.

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