Clash Outside Raveena Tandon's Residence: Viral Video Shows Heated Confrontation Over Parking Issue

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On Sunday, Mumbai Police issued a statement regarding the clash that erupted outside actor Raveena Tandon's residence on Saturday. The altercation, which stemmed from a minor parking issue, was captured on video and has since gone viral on social media. The footage shows Raveena Tandon amid a chaotic scene, with people pushing her and appearing to target her driver.

According to the police, the conflict began when Tandon's driver was reversing the car to park. Three family members believed they were in danger of being hit by the vehicle, leading to an argument. Both parties eventually dispersed, and police arrived at the scene to question Tandon's staff. The other involved party was also summoned to the police station. Both sides ultimately declined to file any complaints.

The police statement followed the video's widespread circulation, in which Tandon can be heard pleading for calm and saying, "don't hit me." The incident took place on Carter Road in Bandra on Saturday night. While no formal First Information Report (FIR) was filed, an official noted that a station diary entry was made at the Khar police station. As of now, Raveena Tandon has not commented on the event. It was reported that her driver allegedly struck three individuals with the car, sparking the crowd's anger and leading to the confrontation.

One individual accused the actress of being under the influence and claimed she began to assault a woman upon exiting the vehicle. A Khar police station official stated that a crowd confronted Tandon and her driver within a building on Carter Road following the incident. This confrontation occurred after the driver had reversed the car.

Mumbai Police confirmed that no one was injured in the incident, and no formal complaints have been filed by either party.


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