Essential Guide: Ensure a Smooth Ride with FASTag KYC Compliance

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 If you own a car, it's crucial to be aware of an important new rule. Ensuring a smooth journey on toll plazas, especially if you have FASTag and a sufficient balance, hinges on completing your KYC (Know Your Customer) verification.

Missing out on this KYC process may lead to potential issues down the road. NHAI (National Highways Authority of India) has officially announced that, come January 31, FASTags without completed KYC will be deactivated by banks. This decision aligns with RBI guidelines, emphasizing the need for users to fulfill KYC requirements for their FASTags.

To avoid any inconvenience, NHAI underscores the importance of completing the KYC process promptly for your vehicle's FASTag. According to a PTI report, NHAI aims to enhance the efficiency of the electronic toll collection system, promoting seamless movement at toll plazas with the 'one vehicle, one FASTag' initiative. This strategic move prevents the misuse of a single FASTag for multiple vehicles.

To enforce this initiative, NHAI has set the deadline for deactivating and blacklisting previous FASTags as of January 31, 2024. They strongly advise FASTag users to adhere to the 'one vehicle, one FASTag' principle, ensuring that any previously issued FASTags through different banks are consolidated.

For assistance, FASTag users can conveniently visit the nearest toll plaza or contact the toll-free customer care number of their respective FASTag-issuing banks. NHAI has taken this proactive step following reports of multiple FASTags being issued for a single vehicle. Additionally, they've observed instances where FASTags are not deliberately affixed to vehicle windshields, causing unnecessary delays and inconvenience at toll plazas.

In summary, it's imperative for car owners with FASTags to prioritize completing their KYC by the specified deadline to avoid potential disruptions in their toll plaza experience. By consolidating to a single FASTag per vehicle, users contribute to the efficiency and integrity of the electronic toll collection system, ensuring a smoother and hassle-free journey on the nation's highways.


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